Services: Purchase/Sale management – House promotions and new construction – Lets – Real estate management.

ORIENTUR Estate Agents offer a wide range of real estate services for clients wishing to buy or rent a property in our area. Some of our most important services are:

Purchase/sale services:

A broad product portfolio, where you will easily find the property you have been looking for. We have availability on the following:

  • Terraced houses.
  • Town/Village houses.
  • Flats and apartments.
  • Studios.
  • Commercial units.
  • Car parking spaces.
  • Garages, , etc.
  • We do the looking for you.

The professional staff of our sales department will assess your needs and help you to choose the property that best suits you.

At ORIENTUR Estate Agents, we make every effort to ensure that each and every stage in the transaction process, including legal procedures, are carried out to the letter, thus avoiding problems or delays .

Housing promotion and New Construction:

We have various promotions available, as well as a range of different plots in housing developments, where you can choose the kind of home you want. All the promotions and developments we work with offer high quality construction. Furthermore, these developments boast modern infrastructure and all the necessary legal guarantees.


We have a broad range of properties available to let: houses with private swimming pool, flats, apartments, country houses, etc.

All have been specially selected for you. Requesting information by e-mail, fax or telephone, we will be able to give you details of available properties, as well as how to “make your reservation”. If you are an owner thinking of letting, we can help you get the most out of your property.

INTEGRAL real estate management:

Besides those mentioned above, our Agency offers all kinds of related property services, such as:

Legal advice in property purchase/sale procedures

Mortgage management through agreements with lenders. Should you need a mortgage to make up the purchase price of your home, we can help you obtain the best conditions available on the market

Home insurance, or any other insurance policies you might need

If you require any other services related to your property, let us know your needs and we will try to help you in the most advantageous way possible.